Your Event Specialist

There is no limit to the imagination of an event specialist. Their job is to turn a standard wedding site into a simply stunning space. They will design, plan and coordinate the decor and bring your vision to life with your colour theme and style.

Crystalove Luxury Weddings, Windsor, Ontario

Crystalove Luxury Weddings, Windsor, Ontario

When you meet with a professional, you share your ideas and dreams and give them creative license to bring it all together. 

Today’s weddings are a far cry from what they used to be! There are a plethora of photographs available that show weddings draped in luxurious fabric with candlelight, delicious centrepieces and dazzling lighting that illuminates VIP lounge areas for your guests to relax in.  Ask  to see your decorator’s portfolio to review the calibre of work that they have done to date.

Crystalove Luxury Weddings, Windsor, Ontario

Crystalove Luxury Weddings, Windsor, Ontario

An Event Specialist will work with you to ensure that your guests are bedazzled from the moment they walk into your venue until the last dance of the evening.  They set the stage for the theme and feel of the entire affair, from the table linens and chair covers to the rental accent pieces and props. They will do fabric draping and take care of lighting solutions- all to enhance and capture a creative mood. They will also work with the florist, to flawlessly carry your look to the centrepieces and special areas of the reception that they are designing.

Crystalove Luxury Weddings, Windsor, Ontario

Crystalove Luxury Weddings, Windsor, Ontario

No matter what theme or colour, you choose, a good decor professional will ensure that your event has a spectacular and coordinated look that will ensure that all your guests are comfortable and relaxed in a staged and beautiful setting.


Special Guests at Your Wedding
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Take a few minutes to think about those special people in your life who will travel from afar to be with you on your wedding day. You will want to make their stay an enjoyable as well as a memorable experience.

Most out-of-town guests would prefer not to impose on those involved in your hectic wedding schedule. Make this easy for them by negotiating a group rate with a local hotel. 

Most hotels give discounts for groups. Let the hotel know approximately how many rooms your guests will require. Many brides choose to send a letter or enclose an insert in their wedding invitation, to their out-of-town guests with the hotel’s special room rate and reservation number so that each guest can arrange their own accommodations. Please be sure to inform your guests that they need to contact the hotel in advance, especially if your date is during a busy summer weekend in your town.  By doing so, any rooms that are not booked can be released and you will not be held accountable for them.

Remember, hotel accommodations are a special service you can provide to your guests. While allowing your guests the privacy of their own room, hotels enable them to spend time together to visit and to easily coordinate transportation to your wedding and other weekend parties.

In addition, the hotel can arrange shopping trips and recommend points of interest around your city that your guests might enjoy. 

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You may want to arrange to have a pleasing gift basket for your guests waiting in their room. It’s a nice added touch that not only makes them feel special and welcomed; it will provide treats of food and drink for their comfort.

Wedding Planning – Tips & Secrets

The wedding professionals will all agree- if you are on time, you will avoid most wedding day hiccups. When you or someone in the wedding party is late, it can start a string of events that will throw everything off schedule for the entire day.

If your wedding starts late, the food may get cold. guests get impatient, and there will inevitably be something that will be hurried or completely eliminated.


To save some on food costs and a simpler evening, host a late night wedding with champagne,  dessert carts and a coffee bar.  Marry at an elegant hour like 7 p.m.  and following your nuptials, celebrate with dancing and decadent sweets and wedding cake. The entire evening is still ahead of you,but the food costs are lower and the feel of the evening is very sophisticated.  This is a simple style, but very elegant!

Or hold a morning ceremony with a over-the-top brunch. Your food and alcohol costs will be less and your honoured guests won’t mind the early scheduling.

For an outdoor summer wedding offer punch and other non-alcoholic libations as the guests arrive.  Typically they are thirsty and you can offer a toast post-ceremony with champagne cocktails or sparkling wine.

Taking your photographs first thing in the morning when your make-up and hair are fresh.  You and your attendants should meet with an Image Consultant or a Make-up professional, well before the wedding day. They can make suggestions that will make your photography more flattering and eliminates any late minute surprises.

Not meeting with a consultant is like waiting to try on your beautiful gown the day of the wedding!

Guest Seating at the Wedding Ceremony

The bride’s family and guests sit on the left and the groom’s on the right. If one of you are expecting more guests than the other, you should ask guests to sit evenly distributed throughout the church.

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You should reserve seats for your immediate family. Seats can be reserved by marking them with ribbons or flowers.

The first and second rows are reserved for immediate family, parents, siblings and grandparents. If your parents are divorced, the parent you lived with sits in the first row with your stepparent. Your other parent and their family sit in the second row. The third through six rows are usually reserved for uncles, aunts, cousins, godparents and any other special guests.

In a Christian ceremony, the mother of the bride’s family is seated on the left (when the guests enter from the back). The groom’s family is seated on the right. For a Jewish wedding, it is reversed. If either the bride or groom have a much larger family than the other, it is a good idea to seat the guests on either side so it looks balanced.

If it is a formal wedding, the ushers will escort the female guests to their seats while her male escort follows them. If your ceremony is informal, the ushers can greet your guests at the door and say, “Please follow me”. For every 50 guests, you should have one usher.

Wedding Toasts|Here’s to the Bride & Groom!

Toasts are usually offered at times of celebration and this practice is as old as weddings. They are said to date back to 450 AD in Saxony. Toasts are feelings put into words and shared with everyone. It is the ending of the formal part of the day and the beginning of the party.They are something that most are nervous about delivering and are also one of the last things that are thought about prior to the wedding day. It is a time of sentiment and congratulations and should be prepared for.

They are offered to the couple in the form of good health and good luck for many years to come. Tea, water and coffee are the only beverages that were not used, as they were considered bad luck and an insult to most people. Clinking the glasses was said to ward off evil spirits that may be around the bride and groom. 


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In days gone by, pieces of toasted bread or croutons were placed in the bottom of the glass to provide nourishment for the bride and groom. Toasts are an important part of the reception memories and are usually presented with both dignity and with a little humour.

The toast may be made by a friend of the bride’s family, the master of ceremonies or more typically, the best man who stands and taps his glass. The best man usually tells a short story of how the couple first met or a humorous tasteful anecdote about the groom and the bride. He then makes a wish for their happiness and everyone (except the bride and groom) raises their glasses and toasts the couple.

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“Ladies and Gentlemen: It is an honour and a privilege for me to propose a toast to the bride and groom. I have known (groom’s name) for many years. (Relate short story from childhood or perhaps, college days.) I remember well when he first met (bride’s name), suddenly lost interest in (our previous activities). But seriously, (groom) is a great guy and has found a wonderful person to marry. (Relate an amusing story about the bride, some of her accomplishments, or compliment her). (Groom) is a lucky man!

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“Ladies and Gentleman, please rise, with glasses full, and join me in wishing the bride and groom much success and happiness. To the bride and groom!’

Groom’s Response: “Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of my wife and myself, thank you for the gracious toast to our health and happiness. We appreciate your kind words and good wishes. I am indeed a lucky man to have found (bride) to be my wife (partner) to be my wife, and to have all of you here today to share our joy and happiness.

There are many people to whom we wish to express our thanks and gratitude. It is difficult to know where to begin. But, I must mention our best man (name); our maid of honour (name), and our wedding party. You have helped us so much. Thanks for everything! “We are particularly grateful to the (clergy or officiator) for his/her guidance and inspiration. Thank you. I also want to express my gratitude to my parents for guiding me through the years. I wish to express heartfelt thanks to my ‘new parents’ for their help, and especially for having given me my lovely bride. (Partner) I return the toast to all of you.”

Toasts can be made by anyone at the wedding. This is the time to let those who have had a significant impact on either the bride or groom how much they mean to them.

When the bride delivers a bride speech, she should share her feelings with friends and family and let her warm words shine through to all the guests.

Toasts may then follow from the bride’s honour attendant and then the bride and groom’s parents. The couple then follows with special toasts to their parents, to their attendants and finally to each other, usually with the groom speaking first. They may then intertwine their arms and drink from their toasting glasses or goblets.

The amount of champagne or wine needed for the toast is calculated as follows:

A 26 oz. (magnum) of champagne will serve approximately 8 glasses. So for 100 guests, you will need a case of 12 per toast. Today’s couples can also be found toasting with beer.

Some toasts heard around the world are:

French: Salut

Hispanic: Salud, Dinero y Amor

British: Cheers

Italian: A la Salute

Hebrew: L’Chayim

Chinese: Nien Mien Ju E

Scottish: Lang May Your Lum Reek

Marriage is good for men, according to the American Council of Life Insurance. Their statistics show that husbands are healthier, wealthier and more industrious than bachelors.


Weddings Require Planning

We were at a family wedding a  couple of weeks ago, ( and yes this bride was stunning) and it was a beautiful occasion. As I looked around at the ceremony, and then later at the reception, it was evident that there had been a lot of planning involved.

From the gorgeous decor at the ceremony and reception to the attention to detail throughout the evening, I was smiling knowing that after many months of planning, everything went off without a hitch. Bravo to all involved for bringing it together so professionally.

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Which led me to thinking about all the work and decision-making that went into the day. It doesn’t happen by chance and the wedding professionals that my cousin used for her day, all came through with flying colours.

Weddings are a milestone, shared by family and friends, that is co-dependent on great service providers.  From the make-up artist to the event specialist, videographer, photographer, stationer and more, this day involves  hard work by others to make it happen.


When you are booking your services, as you plan your wedding day, make sure you have a contract and know what you are buying. The services will assist you in coordinating what you need or if you already have an idea of what you want, they will put it all together.  Good wedding services cost money and their efforts will make your day a success! Understand what they need to do to make you, the bride, happy.

A wedding day is a day that can’t be put in reverse if something goes amiss. By using area professionals you can rest assured that there won’t be major hitches.Their expertise costs money and like any other service that you contract for; you get what you pay for. Ask for references or go see a DJ, photographer or videographer in action. Look at their products and talk to previous clients that have used them. Great references will give you the peace of mind that you require before you put a deposit down.

Your Rehearsal Dinner|Tomorrow You Marry

With all the upcoming summer weddings on the horizon, your rehearsal dinner is the last party before your wedding day. And it is an intimate and family oriented affair; a time to be with the closest people in your life before you speak your wedding vows at the ceremony.

Crystalove Luxury Weddings, Windsor, Ontario

Crystalove Luxury Weddings, Windsor, Ontario

Your rehearsal dinner is the time to introduce your family and close friends that are involved in the wedding, to the each other. Many times your attendants come from other cities and it is the first opportunity everyone has a chance to meet one another before your wedding day.

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Although a rehearsal dinner following the wedding rehearsal is not a necessity, it is a lovely way to begin your wedding festivities and it’s a great way to relax and unwind.

Invitations should be sent out two to four weeks before the wedding. A simple phone call informing the expected guests of the time, location, and perhaps formality of dress is also appropriate. Invite members of the wedding party as well as their respective spouses or guests.

The parents of young attendants should also be invited. Included your clergy and spouse or officiant and musicians and vocalists (if they attend the rehearsal). The guest list can be expanded to include grandparents, honoured guests, or the immediate families as the groom wishes.

Special instrumental music will make this event even more elegant; consider hiring a pianist, a harpist, or perhaps an entertaining guitar duo. Usually the location you have chosen will be pleased to accommodate space for special music unless your group will be in a main dining room where music is already provided.

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Use place cards to ease seating arrangements. Decorate the dining area with flowers and candles. These touches will help everyone to relax and enjoy the party.

The night before your wedding is a great time to calm any wedding jitters and to relax and begin your celebration. Since your guest list will be smaller for this event, you will have more flexibility than you have had with your wedding planning.

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Enjoy the evening, don’t linger and make it an early night because you want to be fresh and bright-eyed in the morning for your wedding day!

Buying Your Wedding Gown

For many women, shopping for their wedding apparel is the highlight of the wedding planning. What an exciting moment when the perfect gown slips over your shoulders, and you glance in the mirror and say, “This is the one; this is my gown!” Bridal shop consultants thrive on this moment; it’s a reward for the many difficulties of their jobs.

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Nicole Vallance PhotographyBefore you begin to shop, you may want to get ideas about the styles you like by paging through some bridal fashion magazines. Be sure to attend one or two bridal fashion shows, to see selections of dresses that are available in your local bridal salons. Then, focus on making a few decisions. First, consider what price range will fit your budget. Second, decide whether you will have a formal, semi-formal, or informal wedding. Select some bridal shops, phone to check their hours and ask if you will require an appointment to try on gowns.

Then, ask a friend or family member to go with you. This should be someone who will be honest about which styles flatter your figure and complexion. Let the salesperson know some of the features of gowns you think you would like to try. However, keep an open mind allowing the sales consultant to suggest some styles that will work for you.

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In doubt about which type of gown may be appropriate for you? Here are a few guidelines:

Any woman can wear a long white gown no matter what her age or if she has been married before. However, you will find that some styles are more suited for younger brides; some look better on more mature figures.

The formality of the wedding takes precedence in choosing the style: Gowns with a train, whether a sweep, chapel length, or cathedral length are reserved for formal or semi-formal weddings.

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Only first time brides should wear a train and a veil; they are traditionally representative of the innocence of youth but with changing rules.

A bride considering an informal ceremony will likely choose a floor length gown without a train, a tea length gown, a knee length suit or cocktail dress. 

Encore and mature first-time brides should consider a bridal hat, a hair arrangement of flowers or fabric bows.


Your Wedding Beverages

Discuss what beverages you want served at your reception with both families, no matter who will be paying the bill. Ask a liquor store/winery or reception consultant to help you with choices and options. Consider both cost and the number of guests.

You may also want to create a signature cocktail that is unique to your wedding theme. It adds a special touch to your reception, as well as being memorable.

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If your reception facility is furnishing beverages, ask how you will be charged- by the glass, by the bottle or per person.

While champagne is traditionally the festive drink used to toast the bride and groom, wine often serves to complement the wedding meal. Good tasting wines and champagnes come in all price ranges. Buy the best selection that your budget allows.

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Hosting a wine tasting party for your attendants is a fun way to choose wedding wines.

Recent surveys indicate that a lot of guests don’t drink alcohol, so offer a selection of non-alcoholic wines, soft drinks and espresso or coffee drinks.

Should you decide to serve your guests cocktails, you can include an open bar before and after dinner. Offer guests their choice of beverages, including local and imported beer and wine.

If you are hosting your party in a private home or space, hire experienced bartenders. You can depend on them to pour standard drinks. Have them track liquor use so that you can account for your bar expense. And, of course, ensure that they are Smart-Serve according to the laws of the province.

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If you decide to keep the bar open after dinner, close it at least one hour before guests prepare to leave. Serve coffee and non-alcoholic beverages after that time to ensure everyone goes home safely. Alcohol liability is an important issue, and one way to protect yourself and your guests is to hire a licensed company to provide security. They will oversee any potential problems with alcohol as well as protecting your gifts, including cash from being stolen.

Travel Agencies & Your Honeymoon

Making travel arrangements for yourself can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. With the number of airlines, cruise lines and hotels available, each with its own programs and restrictions, planning your own trip can take longer than the trip will last!  With one visit or a phone call, a travel agency can do all the work at no charge to you.


They are connected to all the computerized systems which allow them to see the prices each airline is charging to a particular destination, flight times and special promotions that are running. They also have packages that are all inclusive; air, hotel, transfers, attractions and other amenities which are lower in cost than buying everything separately. these packages are often only available through your travel agent.

Another advantage of using an agency is the vast amount of resources they have available about destinations, accommodations, and attractions. They have either traveled to your location or have videos that give tips as well as overviews of what a certain city, resort or region is like.  

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In addition to videos and brochures, travel consultants are  a wonderful source of information.  They travel extensively, so when customers come in or call with questions,  they will have first-hand knowledge of popular destinations.

Your travel agency will make all the arrangements and deliver the tickets, confimations and your honeymoon itinerary to you well before your wedding day. You’ll save both time and money, and have the honeymoon of your dreams.